Monday, September 18, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

RIP Grant Hart

for a couple of years there, Husker Du were my favorite band

Sunday, September 10, 2017

naughty naughty

There is this - "Hello, Hello Daddy (I'll Sacrifice You)" - which is ripped off of this

(Which I heard on this fab Woebot mix of Brazilian)

And then there is this

which is ripped off of this

and then this (although Western copyright says you can't copyright a beat)

Wonder what else they pilfered?

I tend to point the figure in Malcolm's direction, considering that he fancied himself a voleur  and recycled some Soweto tunes - copyrighted to himself - on Duck Rock.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Sunday, September 03, 2017


This week I'm heading down to Argentina for the publication of the glam book, published through Caja Negra under the title Como un golpe de rayo. That translates as Like A Lightning Strike


I'm doing two events at the Córdoba Book Fair (Sept 8 + 9) and a presentation in Buenos Aires (Sept 12). 


la Feria del Libro de Córdoba

Viernes 8 de septiembre, 11 to 13 hs

Primer Piso, Sala 1

Crítica musical: Cómo y por qué hacerla. Enfoques históricos y tendencias actuales 
(a historical masterclass on rock criticism and music journalism from the start to the finish) 

actividad gratuita con inscripcion previa

Sábado 9 de septiembre, 19 h 

el Patio Mayor del Cabildo

Conferencia - "Todo el mundo está en el showbiz: el glam y el anti-glam de los setenta al siglo XXI” 
(Everybody's In Showbiz: Glam and Anti-Glam from the Seventies to the 21st Century)

entrada libre y gratuita

Buenos Aires

Martes 12 de septiembre,  19hs

el Centro Cultural San Martin 
Sarmiento 1562

Con presentación a cargo de Pablo Schanton

Conferencia - "Todo el mundo está en el showbiz: el glam y el anti-glam de los setenta al siglo XXI”

entrada gratuita con inscripción   más información